Roll X Pro Shop offers coaching of any skill level with USBC Silver Certified instructor and shop owner, Irwyn Atkinson. Individual and group lessons are available. Irwyn is also the head coach for the NC State Wolfpack Bowling Team . Roll X Pro shop coaching includes the use of both Ebonite's BowlersMap as well as DigiTrax.
We use BowlersMap motion analysis software to help you learn the proper techniques. With it's 60 frame per second capture and playback, slow motion, and stop action, your improvemnt comes much faster. Your rev rate and ball speed in mph are available when needed.

The next step is DigiTrax. This unique software allows you to monitor ball paths from shot to shot. You can compare paths and entry angles from one ball to another. Numerous valuable pieces of information, such as laydown board, launch distance and angle, breakpoint board and angle, and pocket entry angle, help you improve your game and more accurately choose your equipment.